Thank you for helping us take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world! The needs are great. Thank you for your best gift to the work of the Lord today.
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Blessings to you in Jesus name.

I want to personally thank you for visiting today. I pray that everything you need this day is

given to you. I pray that all sickness and disease leaves your family. I pray that you are given

favor everywhere you go.

Keep your eyes upon Jesus for he is the author and finisher of your faith and will complete

that which he has begun in you. He will never leave or forsake you, remember this. He is the

best counselor there is!

Ask him today, he will come in and speak to you if you only ask.   I love you, Susan

Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe,

thou shouldest see the glory of God? John 11

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