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Susan Waldrop
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“Everything” original songs by Susan Waldrop
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A Personal Welcome from Susan

“Blasting the wealth of the wicked!”                                          


Deborah Jahn Ministries gives a Prophetic

Word to Susan Waldrop of the Release of the

Wealth of the Wicked to the Body of Christ!

Powerful Word! Watch!   -James 5: 1-6                    

Jeanne Silver-Watson

8/27/14 “Susan I see a little thing

from the past its strange I see it

like in orbit and like a little rocket

showing towards you. The picture

is like in the sky its blue and

surrounding this bluish little around

this little rocket white like a cloud

around it. It might be a thought or

a memory.”

SALVATION:  Hi Susan: Thank you again for speaking with me and for your wonderful prayers. This crossroads that I stand at has not been easy. Hearing you speak about the positive aspects of our Lord's family; His great love for me, and how I am born anew and forgiven through him, has lifted great burdens that I have carried for years. more