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Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe,

thou shouldest see the glory of God? John 11

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Testimony From Carlos [Sat. Nov.29,2014, England] Dear Mum Susan, I would like to thank you for giving me back my joy which I lost, I went thru many hurts in life, but Yahweh Elohim comforted me with his words thru you, Thank You YAHSHUA messiah my savior. Furthermore  you prophesize all those deep secrets thing which I never even mention to you at all, only ELOHIM knows about it, 1000% true WOW! Right on target I was shocked and speechless!   Thank you so much Mum for obeying YAHSHUA, thank you  for allowing me to call you Mum. Lastly to everyone Susan is not doing this ministry for money, but only for the Love of YAHSHUA to prevail in your lives. A women after ELOHIM’s heart. I strongly sensed the nine fruit of the spirit manifested when she prophesized over me.  What a gentleness and love she has, amazing. Thank you Mum. Carlos
December 2, 2014 Dear servant of the Lord, Thanks so much for your such a mighty all-rounded personal prayer (in fact, it also covered my country). I received it, in Jesus Name! Glory unto Him for He has such a faithful servants (like you) all over the world. In His grace and peace, Brother Kelil Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

My Prayer; 1. You do NOT SEE Me. 2. There will only be glory dust left when I leave your home. 2. For the first

time in a long time, you will think about your tomorrows when I leave. 4. You will say, "Her prayers were heard

and answered for no one BUT GOD could have done THAT." and 5. YOUR LIFE, was forever touched by

something we agreed in prayer together for and your personal relationship with the Holy Spirit will be REAL.

thank you father, Sister Susan Waldrop

December 9, 2014 Dear Susan, Many thanks for the prayers and the prophetic counselling on the video you sent me. I have taken all the counselling words and concerns raised. I believe God spoke through you to bless me at this much need counsel to enable me relocate. God Bless You! - Francis - United Kingdom